Established in 2019, Alice Rhiannon Jewellery is a combination of two passions. After a background studying Geography, I trained and worked as a jeweller in London’s Hatton Garden and Brighton. As a result, I am committed to making timeless jewellery without compromising the earth or its inhabitants.


Three people on a bench looking out to sea, Ventnor, Isle of Wight



I appreciate that jewellery carries different meanings for different people - a way of marking a special occasion, capturing a memory, or simply an expression of who you are. 

Each piece of jewellery tells a story and has its own symbolic and emotional value which is individual to everyone.

That’s why many of my pieces can be personalised, with added details to make them say and mean whatever you want them to. 

Inspired by a fascination with vintage jewellery, in particular nostalgic charms and sentimental engraved tokens, I make meaningful keepsakes. 

I have always loved the fun and intriguing extra elements often present in vintage designs - a moving kinetic part, or ‘secret’ detail waiting to delight and surprise. These have been influential in my own designs, with added details to make them more engaging and personal.

I love to make bespoke pieces - working with customers to create something truly special and totally unique. If you have something in mind please get in touch, and see the Bespoke page for inspiration. 

 Seascape with yellow flowers, The Roseland, Cornwall



A sense of place is extremely important to me, and often reflected in my work. 

Places, and the way we feel about them, have the power to influence and inspire us. Often, they create and hold personal meaning no matter how long we spend there. 

I have always used jewellery as a way of carrying symbols of special places with me as I move through life. These places have helped to shape who I am, and I find comfort in wearing tokens which represent them and in that way, keeping them close. 

Having spent many years on the Isle of Wight, and now living and working in Cornwall, UK, I am lucky to be surrounded and constantly inspired by such magnificent natural landscapes.


Sunlight through tree branches



Alice Rhiannon Jewellery is a small business committed to creating joyful jewellery with a respect and responsibility toward our planet.

I am not interested in fast fashion, but in creating timeless jewellery to be treasured and worn for years to come.

Adopting an honest and conscious approach, I strive to be as sustainable and ethical as possible across every aspect of business, and am continually learning and improving. 

I repair, reuse and recycle, and use recycled materials wherever possible. I work with trusted suppliers who share these values, with sustainable practices and sourcing. 

My journey to sustainability is ongoing, as I continue to research new alternatives and evolve my practices. For more information on my goals and practices, and further resources, please see the Ethical and Sustainable policy page. 



Overlooking Porthcurnick beach, Portscatho at sunset


Each piece of jewellery is designed and individually handmade by me, Alice, in my studio in beautiful Cornwall, UK. As a result, each piece is unique and hand crafted to last.