Jewellery Care

Each piece of Alice Rhiannon jewellery is handmade with care. In order to keep jewellery looking its best for as long as possible, we need to know how to look after it.

A few tips to help you care for your jewellery:

⦁ W E A R I N G ⦁


  • Remove your jewellery before physical activity, including exercising, cleaning and gardening.
  • Always remove your jewellery before entering a pool, shower, hot tub or the sea. Water contributes to the tarnishing of jewellery, and chemicals found in pools and hot tubs can cause extreme tarnishing. 
  • Do not sleep in your jewellery.
  • Jewellery can react to the chemicals present in perfume, lotions, oils and make-up and cause pieces to tarnish prematurely. I recommend applying any cosmetics or scents before putting on your jewellery. 
  • Bleaches, household chemicals, and cleaning products can cause damage and tarnishing to jewellery so please be aware and remove your jewellery before handling them. 

 ⦁ S T O R A G E ⦁


  • When you are not wearing your jewellery, store it in an airtight container to help prevent oxidation and tarnishing. Do not store in damp or humid conditions e.g. near heating vents, windowsills or bathrooms. 
  • Store separately to avoid chains tangling together or items scratching against each other.

⦁ T L C ⦁

  • Over time, both recycled and sterling silver can naturally tarnish and wear. To keep your silver jewellery looking its sparkly best, I recommend regularly polishing it with a soft (non abrasive), clean, dry white cloth. 
  • Earrings in particular can often react to your body’s natural chemistry, and may sometimes appear black. This is simply surface discolouration and can be removed with a jewellery cleaning cloth. 
  • Scratches may also occur over time, from natural everyday wear and tear. If you would like to have your jewellery re-polished and scratches removed where possible then please get in touch. 
  • Products with engraving or hand-stamped text or symbols are often finished with black polish which makes the details stand out more distinctly. Over time this can naturally wear away. If you would like your jewellery re-polished and the finish reapplied please get in touch to discuss this.

⦁ R E P A I R S ⦁

  • If your jewellery suffers damage, in many cases I am able to repair it. 
  • If within 6 months of purchase, there is a genuine fault with an item, please return it to me and I will repair it free of charge. Broken chains are not included. However, if the damage is deemed to be caused by the wearer e.g. chemical reactions, slept in, pulling etc. a charge will be incurred. After 6 months, a small charge will apply for jewellery repairs. Please contact me with your enquiry.