Sustainable fabric gift wrap - 2 boxes tied in furoshiki flower knot style, one blue fabric one yellow flower fabric
Black branded jewellery box with two reusable fabric gift wrap options, one blue and one flowery yellow
Vintage blue and orange handmade fabric gift wrap, tied in flower knot style around box
Eco-friendly Alice Rhiannon black branded jewellery box, with recycled vintage botanical yellow fabric draped over
Furoshiki Japanese style gift wrap option using reusable fabric wraps, yellow botanical fabric design
Bright blue, orange and brown recycled vintage fabric, one of sustainable gift wrap options
Hand tying yellow botanical fabric gift wrap into furoshiki knot style
Japanese Furoshiki stye gift wrap - sustainable light blue and brown fabric wrap tied in flower knot
Three fabric options for sustainable fabric gift wraps - blue and red paisley, brown botanical, and light purple tie dye
Eco-friendly gift wrapping - three different fabric options wrapped in knot style, purple paisley, blue and brown, and yellow botanical
Purple, black and white paisley fabric draped over black Alice Rhiannon branded jewellery box

Gift Wrapping | Reusable Fabric Wrap

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For an extra special way to wrap your gifts, add one of these eco-friendly gift wraps. 

A beautiful and sustainable alternative to wrapping paper, this gift wrap option is inspired by the Japanese present wrapping art of furoshiki. The jewellery box is decoratively wrapped in a handmade recycled and reusable fabric wrap. 

Not only do these look charming and unusual, but they can be used again for wrapping future gifts or transforming into something else entirely.  

A unique and handmade fabric wrap will be chosen for you, with any jewellery ordered wrapped safely inside. 

All gift wraps are handmade from recycled fabric making them both a beautiful and environmentally friendly option. 

Each wrap measures roughly 45cm x 45cm and is large enough to wrap multiple jewellery boxes together. It can be then be used again and again to wrap most small boxes. 


 * Please note - listing is for one fabric gift wrap *