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Alice Rhiannon Jewellery is a one-woman business, committed to making timeless, meaningful jewellery without compromising the earth or its inhabitants.

Inspired by and concerned for the natural world and its population, I strive to be as sustainable and ethical as possible across every aspect of business, whilst continually learning and improving. 

My journey to sustainability is ongoing, as I continue to research new alternatives and evolve my practices. 



I use recycled silver wherever possible in my designs. This eco-friendly silver is manufactured using recycled scrap silver from the jewellery, medical, electronic and gift industries. It is 100% recycled, traceable and audited. This gives the same quality results as other silvers, but is much more environmentally friendly. My supplier for recycled silver sheet and wire is Cooksongold

Where this is not yet possible for some components, including certain findings such as ear posts and scrolls, and some types of wire, I use silver from the accredited UK supplier Cooksongold. They are a registered Responsible Jewellery Council member, committed to promoting ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the jewellery supply chain. 

The chains I use are manufactured from recycled silver, and supplied by Curteis.

I melt down and reuse my leftover scrap silver so not even the dust is wasted. 

The gemstones used in my designs are sourced from a trusted UK supplier here in Cornwall who share these values and responsibilities (Kernowcraft). They are conflict free and from fair trading mines and suppliers, who treat staff fairly with safety programs, reasonable working hours, humane working conditions and access to healthcare. The fluorite gemstones used in my Sea Green Jewel Earrings are from a collection of gemstones I bought years ago, I intend to use up my supply to avoid waste but do not plan to source any more.



In an effort to give something back to the world around me I have created a few special pieces from which I share any profits with a small number of charities close to my heart. I intend to create more products which help to raise money for and awareness of important causes. 

I have so far created products with donations going to:


For every one of my Evergreen Tree necklaces sold, a tree is planted through donations to One Tree Planted. This amazing non-profit organisation focuses on global reforestation, planting trees to restore damaged forests, whilst creating jobs, supporting communities, and protecting biodiverse habitats.



Every Whale Tie Pin sold contributes £10 to the national marine conservation and campaigning charity Surfers Against Sewage. Dedicated to inspiring and empowering communities to take action for the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. 


My popular The Bee’s Knees pin was created to raise money for this important appeal, with £5 donated from each pin sold. This appeal was set up to support our amazing NHS staff and volunteers, as well as patients impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 




I try to minimise waste by reusing and recycling wherever I can. 

After searching for more environmentally-friendly options, I have cut down on the chemicals used in jewellery production and switched these for eco-friendly alternatives. 

I make most of my products to order, and as a result avoid wasting materials on unsold stock.




All of my packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

My beautiful custom jewellery boxes are made from 100% recycled material. They are perfect for gift giving and keeping your jewellery safe, or can be recycled. 

I have said goodbye to environmentally unfriendly foam and have switched to 100% recycled cotton eco-fibre inserts. These look just as good but are far more eco-friendly. 

The unique backing cards for my stud earrings and brooches are created from my original designs and printed onto 100% recycled cotton cards, made from recycled T-shirt off-cuts.  

I carefully package each order in recycled, compostable and recyclable tissue paper. I then finish them off with beautiful silk ribbon, made from recycled waste sari fabric by women's cooperatives in India. 

Inspired by the Japanese present wrapping art of furoshiki, my gift wrapping option offers a charming and sustainable alternative to wrapping paper. Handmade from fabric off-cuts found in charity shops, these delightful fabric wraps are an easy and eco-friendly way to wrap gifts. Not only do these look gorgeous and make the gift extra special, but they are also practical and reusable. Use them again for wrapping future gifts or transform them into something else entirely.  

All business cards, postcards and even stickers are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

I use postage bags which are recycled and recyclable, made from biodegradable manilla material, and sealed with paper tape. 

I then send your parcels off on their journey to you at our local post office, a two minute walk down the road from the studio.

⦁ GOALS ⦁ 


Jewellery has long been an industry of exploitation - both of people and the planet, but now is the time to be a part of changing this. 

Within the wider sustainable fashion movement, there is a growing call to stop the mass purchasing of ‘fast fashion’ and instead to understand and value where our clothes and jewellery come from. 

This means caring about not only where products are made, by who and in what conditions, but the processes and treatment of people and environment all along the supply chain. 

It is possible and necessary to be a part of this change.

My ethical and sustainability goals and commitments for the foreseeable future include:


  • Further charity support 

I look forward to creating more products helping to raise money for important causes. 


  • Research into additional eco-friendly and ethical alternatives 

Currently some components of my designs are made from sterling rather than recycled silver, due to lack of availability of recycled alternatives. I am always on the lookout for better alternatives, with the aim that every part of my designs is eco-friendly. 

Whilst I am confident that my suppliers make efforts to ensure a fair and ethical supply chain, some of the gemstones I work with currently are not fully traceable. I regularly look for more transparent and ethically-assured solutions, as well as reusing and recycling gemstones from old and damaged pieces. 


  • Education and sharing of resources

Sustainability is an evolving way of living and doing business, which involves continuous learning. 

There are so many inspiring sources of knowledge and amazing examples of businesses doing things differently. I aim to share, support and promote as many as possible!