Silver minimalist curved bangle, worn on woman's left arm with background of grey cornish rocks
Close up of sustainable recycled silver curved wavy bangle, worn on arm with white jumper sleeve against grey rocks
Close up of curved silver wave bangle worn on arm with white jumper sleeve, resting on knee in grey jeans
Minimalist curved silver bangle, on natural calico fabric
Sustainable recycled silver bangle, curved wavy shape, on plain natural cream fabric
Close up of hammered texture of handmade recycled silver ripple bangle
Different angle of curved organic shaped silver stacking bangle
Two bangle on natural calico fabric, one slim curved ripple bangle, one chunkier wave bangle with silver balls
Arm and hand wearing silver rings and two recycled silver wave bangles, over backdrop of Cornish waves and beach
Two free-form wavy textured silver bangles stacked together, worn on arm with backdrop of Cornish beach and sea
Close up of arm wearing two silver wave stacking bangles, against background of Cornish beach and ocean
Arm wearing two handmade sustainable silver wave bangles of different widths, and white jumper sleeve with sea in background
Close up of arm wearing two silver wavy stacking bangles against a grey textured rock
Eco-friendly jewellery packaging, recycled black jewellery box and wrapped version in white tissue paper and orange silk ribbon
Light blue vintage fabric with orange and brown detail, tied in furoshiki style knot, sustainable gift wrap

Ripple Bangle

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Inspired by the natural beauty of smaller ocean waves and gentle ripples. 

This minimalist curved bangle is handcrafted from recycled silver, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. 

Each bangle is hand-forged and textured to delicately reflect the light - like sunlight shimmering on the water. 

Slim and elegant, the Ripple bangle looks subtle and elegant worn alone or with its sister bangle - the Wild Wave. Designed to complement each other with their distinctive curved shapes, when stacked together they echo the movement of ocean waves.

⦁ D E T A I L S ⦁

Each Ripple bangle is handmade from sustainable recycled silver.  As a result, each varies slightly and is truly unique.

This is for one Ripple bangle only, the images with multiple bangles show other designs available to purchase separately. 

⦁ D I M E N S I O N S ⦁

Made from slender 1.8mm wire, the Ripple bangle is available in three sizes: Small (6cm internal diameter), Medium (6.5cm internal diameter) and Large (7cm internal diameter). 

Each bangle is made to order and sized specifically. For more information and help choosing the right size please see my Size Guide

⦁ P O S T A G E  &  P A C K A G I N G ⦁

This item is packaged in plastic-free environmentally friendly packaging. The ‘Alice Rhiannon’ branded gift box is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. 

Finished off with eco-friendly raffia ribbon, even my postage bags are fully recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. 

Special gift? For a beautiful finish, choose the gift wrap option at checkout - inspired by the Japanese present wrapping art of furoshiki, each box is decoratively wrapped in a reusable cloth. These are handmade using vintage or naturally-dyed recycled fabric.

Free U.K. delivery - All products are made to order within 5 working days, with a 1-day delivery aim once dispatched. 

⦁  R E C Y C L E D   S I L V E R  ⦁

This product is handmade using recycled silver - an eco-friendly alternative manufactured using recycled scrap silver from the jewellery, electronic, medical and giftware industries. This gives the same quality results as other silver but is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Ideal for the ethical and eco-conscious consumer.